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Soup $ 5.00

     Lentil soup             Chicken Barley Soup

Burma( Middle Eastern Chile)


(Middle eastern version of Pizza (7)

Safeehat Falafel
Garbanzo crust topped with pesto, eggplant, roasted red bell pepper, green and red onions, shitake mushrooms, tomato, feta cheese. 


Organic Cracked Wheat Pizza:
Topped with tomato sauce mozzarella cheese, Bastirma (Middle eastern sausage) mushroom, onion, roasted red bell pepper, and tomato.

Appetizers  (5)

YaYa' Grape leaves (5)

Kelecha:(Iraqi snak converted to Ravioli) stuffed with dates, cardamom, cinnamon and topped with yogurt, walnuts, and  parmesan cheese  

Grilled Jabanese Eggplant: with pomegranate sauce   

Badengan  Parmesan: Marinated eggplant with fresh herbs and topped with roasted red bell and  parmesan cheese 

Dip  4  

Hummus (garbanzo bean)

Mama Ganoush (eggplant with Pomegranate)

Baba Ganoush (eggplant)

Hudhud Ganoush (turnip with date syrup)

Zuzu Ganoush (carrot with tamarind).

Muhamara (roasted red bell pepper, cumin, and walnuts)


Salad 6 

Variety of pickles

Mixed green with Middle Eastern salad: (cucumbers, tomato, green and red onion) in feta vinaigrette.

Salata: (diced cucumber, tomato, romaine lettuce, red onions, in feta vinaigrette ).

Jannah: (Heaven) marinated Cucumber, eggplant, red and green onion, and roasted red bell pepper with pomegranate molasses.

 Mujadara Salad: Lentil salad: lentil, bulgur, sumac, cumin, browned shallot , green and red onion, and tomato.

Tabouleh (bulgur, parsley, mint, tomatoes and green onions


ENTREES    ( $ 17.50 each)

Phyllo dough dishes

Perdaplow:  Phyllo dough filled with shredded chicken, rice, almonds, golden raisins, and cardamom. Served with apricot sauce.

Kuzi: Phyllo dough filled with shredded lamb, rice, almonds, golden raisins, allspice, cinnamon, and ginger. served with pomegranate-rosemary sauce.

Sambosak: (Vegetarian) Spinach, sumac, shitake mushroom, and feta cheese rolled in phyllo. Served with puree of roasted red bell pepper, walnuts and cumin, served with vegetables.

Biriani: Beef, rice, almonds, golden raisin, potato, and baharat (cumin, cinnamon, cardamom, allspice, ginger and nutmeg) served with potato, and  garbanzo bean in yogurt sauce.   

Jannah  Specialty

 Dolmas: (it is Moms'Dolma) Stuffed eggplant, zucchini, onion, and wrapped in Swiss chard with diced lamb, rice, tomato, allspices, and ginger. Served with tamarind sauce.

Vegetarian Dolmas: Stuffed tomato, zucchini, and eggplant, and wrapped in swiss chard with organic cracked wheat, bell and jalapeno peppers, tomato, Italian parsley and cumin. Surrounded with yogurt mint sauce.

Maskoof: (Trout) Slightly smoked, and marinate in allspice, curry, tomato paste, and sun-dried lime.  Served with rice, and fresh vegetables.                      

Sheakh Muhshee( the stuffed Sheik): stuffed eggplantwith lamb Keama(diced lamb with allspice,cinnamon,almond, and Italian Parsley) cooked in tamarind, tomato sauce.Served with rice topped with Salata


                             Lamb Shank House Specialty  18.75

1- Bamia (Okra): With whole okra in tomatoand tamarind.

2-Munsaf: (Caramelized onion with kashek (dehydrated yogurt) )potato, and garbanzo bean.

3-Tabsee: (Caramelized onion,red bell,eggplant, intomato sauce.       

4- Fetta: Caramelized onion ,grilled eggplant, walnuts, roasted red bell in   pomegranate and  yogurt sauce. Served with rice. 

 Tikka Kabab (Chunk of meat)

 Choose one

1-Served with hummus, tabouleh, onions with sumac, pickles, , salata, and  lavash bread.  

 2-Rice with vermicelli, fresh vegetables, and  tabsee. (Caramelized onion, red bell, eggplant, and  curry in tomato sauce).

3-Mixed green with Middle Eastern salad, and fresh vegetables.

         Choose ONE  OR TWO Combination of the tikka kabab.

Lamb Tikka: Marinated with Mint

          Chicken Tikka: Marinated with tarragon

Beef Tikka: Marinated in thyme    

  Salmon Tikka: Marinated in dill